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Our Story

The year 2022 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations between Japan and India. To commemorate the same, we have organized an Ideathon for the next gen leaders who will get a firsthand feel of the Indian society and its challenges.
Providing an opportunity for Japanese and Indian youth from different backgrounds to serve as the link between the two countries to help shape the future by achieving mutual understanding and personal growth through travel and team work. Your potential & creativity will further promote the development and relationship of the two countries.

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70 Years
Flag of India

Messages From Organizers

Messages From Supporters

3D Benefit

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Dive into Diversity

Dynamism of the Indian market
and cutting-edge technology

Awareness through diverse values

Cross-cultural teamwork

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Discover Yourself

Put yourself in an unexpected situations

Get to know your country

Face yourself

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Develop your Career

Inspiration to develop ideas & future possibilities

for inter-personal networking

Deep understanding
of social issues


Ideathon with travelling 900 km from Delhi, India's largest city, to Varanasi, a city with 3,000 years of history

16 SEP

All the participants will get together in Delhi

17 SEP

Experience India's largest city, Delhi, has a population of over 20 million. Will have experiential programme (staying Delhi)

18 SEP

Visit the World Heritage Site Taj Mahal and discover findings in mid-sized Indian cities in Agra (staying Agra)

19 SEP

Visit an old traditional city with a mix of religions in Lucknow, the capital city of the state has most largest population. Will have experiential programme (staying Lucknow)

20 SEP

Experience organic farms and rural life in Allahabad. Will have experiential programme (staying Varanasi)

21 SEP

AM, will have experiential programme in Varanasi. PM, ideathon will open at Varanasi International Cooperation and Convention Center (VCC) (staying Varanasi)

22 SEP

Ideathon at VCC (staying Varanasi)

23 SEP

Presentation & Closing at VCC in Varanasi (staying Varanasi)

24 SEP

Departure from Varanasi, Who will go back to Japan, head to Delhi (staying Delhi)

25 SEP

Participants from Japan fly to Japan

Who Can Apply

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Being interested in Japan or international companies, employment and culture.

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Thinking of contributing to society by working to solve problems that transcend national boundaries in future.

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Understanding different values and ideas, and accepting them as my intellectual strength.

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Want to find out what I can do and what I want to do.

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Want to change myself and expand my possibilities in extraordinary programme.


Applicant should carry Identification such as Aadhaar.


18-25 years old student only.

English Icon

Applicant can understand English, writing and reading.

Vaccine icon

Applicant should be vaccinated at least 2 doses of COVID19 vaccine.

Calendar icon

Applicant can attend whole programme.

Monitor icon

Applicant can attend pre-orientation programme.

Camera shutter icon

Applicant have no objection to publish program photos in the media.

Thermometer icon

Please dose COVID 19 vaccinations on your own.


I see "at least two doses of vaccine", but is this a requirement that the applicant has already been vaccinated at the application stage?

After passing the selection process, we will ask you to submit a set of required documents to confirm that you are indeed eligible to participate. At that time, we will also confirm that you have received two vaccinations, which should be completed by the beginning of August.

Are there any selection criteria?

Selection will be made by a number of people based on the description. We are sorry, but we do not disclose specific selection criteria.

How much English skill is required?

In this program, you will team up with a Japanese person and communicate in English.You are expected to listen to your own opinions and the thoughts of others.Please take this into consideration.

Can I apply if I am over or under the age?

Since this program is a youth exchange program, there is an age limit.Also, in order to avoid inequality due to the ambiguity of the quota limit by adding exceptions, we have set the applicable age at the time the program is implemented.We are sorry that we could not meet your expectations this time.

Will the organizer arrange the accommodations, food and etc?

The accommodation, travel allowance, travel insurance and food will be provided by our side.

Do we get any certification?

You will get a certification ​at the end of this program.

Can I apply as a group?

We do not take group applications. We will read through each applicant's motivation for applying and select them, and then create a team by balancing the overall application.

Application Form for Indian

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Application for the "900km Crossing Challenge Experience Ideathon Hach The Innovative Future" has been closed. Thank you for a lot of applications.

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